I Have Lost a Beloved Pet


My other dog killed her.

Smokey was... A great dog. And a great friend..



She was sooooooooooooooo nice!And FUN!

God, please send her back to me.

God-Damned f*cker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE U GYPSY! I am glad that car ran over her!!!!! DIE!!!!!! FU*KER!!!!!

DreamCloudDog DreamCloudDog
3 Responses Mar 3, 2009

That's awful that you lost them both. Was Smokey a puppy and Gypsy older? I remember bringing home a new puppy once and the older ones played with her at first and then went for her. Got to her before she got hurt, but never left them alone with her again 'til she was big. I'm so sorry about Smokey.


do you feel better?