Many years ago, I had these two kittens named Pumpkin and Smokey. I got them from my friend since her mom raised cats. One day, the cats got out of the house by accident and it was right before my parents and I were about to leave. My dad tried to catch the cats, but only managed to catch Pumpkin. He couldn't catch Smokey, so he said he'll just leave her outside and she'll be fine. However, I had this terrible feeling something bad would happen to her, so I had begged him to keep trying. He reassured me Smokey would be fine, so we left, though I was still unsettled. Then we left. An hour or so later, we were on our way home. We got to the entrance of the trailer park and one of our neighbors was standing there. She was waiting for us. She told us that Smokey was at my friend's mom's house. When we got there, Smokey was in a trash bag. She had been run over by a drunk driver who thought that Smokey was a stick.

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I had that bad feeling once, too, when we were away on vacation. Just felt so worried, suddenly, and anxious to get back to my kitties. Turned out, one of my little ones passed away the night before I got home. Sometimes you just know. I'm so sorry you went through that.