Misty was one of the first dogs I ever had. We got her when I was in second grade and she was so cute and would follow me wherever I went. When we lived in florida there was a screened in patio that my mother and my grandfather would go out and sit at the table and have their coffee. Misty would jump up into an empty chair and sit there, like she was taking part of the conversation. She loved her coffee as well, my mom would give her the last bit of hers. When we were outside and if we asked her "where's the bird?" she would run around looking up in the sky looking for the bird. We had trained her to run after the birds that would land in our backyard, since we had fish in a pond that they would eat.

Sadly Misty passed away the day before Thanksgiving in 2007. I luckly home that afternoon from college. I cried so hard, it was one of the saddest things in my life to have her pass away in my lap. It was hard that Thanksgiving because we had always made a small plate for Misty to eat. For a couple of nights I would fall asleep crying with a picture of her in my hand.

I have since then lost my grandma (in Dec. that same year) and I have lost my first ever very own cat this past Oct. My cat ended up having cancer that was very agressive, and the vet did the best she could, but it came back. I've learned that it never does get easier losing someone, but you will get better, and it makes you stronger.

Krysta Krysta
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I share your grief, I love and lost my little girl 18 days ago- a lovely border terrier and I still cry for her, miss her very much.

My heart goes out to you, because I really do know how you feel. Pets are members of the family, and losing them is grievous. We lost our old dog and our old cat (both 15) within days of each other. It was so terrible. I have lost other pets to old age, and it was a devastating thing each time. I still miss them all. The kitty in my avatar is Maggie, the one who died at age 15.<br />
She was my best girlfriend.<br />
No matter how much we miss them, it is still a good thing to get another puppy or kitten. Life without any pet at all is very lonely, no matter how many human friends you have.