i have lost a few beloved pets in my time, but the one that hurt the most was a dog we had called jessy, when i lived in south africa!!! i cant remember what breed of dog it was, but it was a great dog!!! but the dog from time to time would jump over my next door neighbour's wall and into their garden, and run accross their garden and jumping over the other wall and into the street!!! my next door neighbour was a policeman and he had a gun, and i remember one day i was outside playing with the dog, and my next door neighbour looked over the wall and said to me "if you dont stop that dog jumping over the wall, then im going to kill it with my gun"!!! a couple of weeks later the dog dissappeared never to be seen again!! my next door neighbour always denied killing jessy, but we've always had our suspicions ever since, cos although the dog used to jump over the wall, it always came back!!! i miss jessy!!!

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i know *Timide*, as i say, we never knew for sure if it was him that killed our dog, but even now, we still look back on it, thinking it was him that killed our dog!!! : (

What?! What an *******!! How could someone do that to a dog?! That is disgusting! I'm so sorry :(

yes, poor dog *SuperMother2010*!!! : (

it is *neurotic2010* its very sad indeed!!!

omg! this is so scary! that man.... oh god.. there are no words! ok, maybe too many words! oh god.. how sad