Whhhaaaa!!!! Where Is My Morgan!!!!!!!!

           I have lost alot of beloved pets but not one like morgan she was soooooooo cuuuuuuuute.  She was my special german shepherd we found her in the middle of the highway just sittin there waitin to be hit!  She was like a doaughter to me right when we got her in the car.  We were inseperable we would sit for hours out on the hamokck it was with her i first slept out on the homock all night.  I would get upset because one of the nighbors hurt me or hurt my feelings, she would slip off her lead and chase after them till they are completly freaked out, that would always make me laugh.  Though that did not work when she was a fuzz ball, she grew up in to a solid black girl.  Then one day she was able to get into a small pen, and she ate the air conditoning when I first herd the screaching yelp I ran outside to see her dead from a electromatic shock in a wire, the vet said 10,000 boltz surcated through her body. It took me a month aleast to recover I regret thta day for doing the dishes instead of playing outside with Morgan.

Megan1997 Megan1997
Mar 11, 2009