Lost But Still With Me, Literally!

I lost my baby girl on April 5, 08 after 11 years. But don't worry, she's still with me, literally.

As I promised her previously, when she passed, I would have her cremated and use her ashes in a memorial tattoo.

And I'm proud to say that against some peoples objections, I had the tattoo done.

She was also included in the latest edition of The Rinty News, the official newsletter of the Rin Tin Tin fan club.

Pics are in my album on my profile.

She also inspired 4 websites for me (#4 is under construction). They are:




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i am truly sorry for your loss

I am so sorry for your loss and incredibly inspired of the way you chose to memorialize her. <br />
I would love to know so much more about how you did this!! <br />
Because, I would love to do the same.<br />
Thank you, also, for the links you provided. <br />
Right now, it's only been a week. I'm to collect his ashes tomorrow and have been lost without him. <br />
I love how you'll be assured to always be together. May you both have much Peace!

I too, believe in Pet Reincarnation. I too,lost my best friend of 14 yrs.My dog changed my life. In the BEST way.I got the opportunity to rescue an English-Staffordshire Terrier (PitBull aka).The owner (boyfriends' family member) he was abusive to her.I was a witness.I vowed that day he hurt her that I wouldnt make her ever come back to live with that abuser anymore.I grew SO attached to her.Even when my boyfriend and I broke up,I told him,she is MINE.He agreed. <br />
I raised her alone for about 8years,til I met my husband.My dog became "DADDY'S GIRL".The bond was amazing...she still loved me..but daddy more.We had her for a few more years...but she reached 15 yrs old..couldnt walk anymore..pain was bad. Arthritis.Even got Asthma.She had asthma attacks every day.Couldnt walk anymore.We sadly, put her down..she KNEW it was HER TIME.She went peacefully.We had her cremated,and brought her ashes home.<br />
<br />
We adopted another dog. Mixed breed.She was beautiful...we brought her home...WHAT HAPPENED NEXT WAS EERIE.<br />
The FIRST thing our NEW dog did on the ride home from the shelter...this dog had an ASTHMA attack in our car...My husband and I looked at eachother...FREAKED us out! We thought ...ok..wierd! (And she has NEVER had an asthma attack since). <br />
We got home, and the FIRST THING this new dog did...was walked in to the house and went STRAIGHT over to the URN of ashes of our old dog...she SNIFFED it....looked over at us and walked away..never to do it EVER again.<br />
I KNOW this is our dog reincarnated.We were meant to get her for a reason.She takes care of ME now..since losing my husband...but she has become my soulmate..my best friend.<br />
Does ANIMAL RE-INCARNATION really exist???? I think it does. do YOU?

There is something that you may not know but I am here to remind all of you. ALL ANIMALS REINCARNATE. Let me explain.<br />
<br />
Most people just say after their pet dies, "Well, that's it. I'll never see him/her again." In fact, this is what happened to me (sort of) except for one difference - I never really accepted my dog's death. It seemed surreal, and now I know why. I knew that he didn't want to die, I knew that but we had him euthanized on the advice of our vet because he was suffering from kidney disease in the worst way. Well, after his physical death I was in such a supreme state of grief - the kind of feeling that you want to die so badly to be with your beloved. Every day was a blur to me. Twelve days later for some reason I felt compelled to visit the original shelter where we first adopted him and his 1/2 sister, both beagle mixes. I was filling out applications and thought I would try this place. With heavy heart I drove there and when I got there I saw a sign in the parking lot "Come on in and meet your new best friend" which of course meant nothing to me. My best friend of 13 years was gone from me. As I walked the path that I had been on 13 years earlier with my babies, toward the main shelter house, there were 2 small kids struggling with a dog that resembled my baby. I didn't think anything of it until I got up close. It was then that "time stood still." This dog and I locked eyes and a feeling that can only be described as earthshaking came upon me. Our recognition of eachother blew my mind. He began chewing on my knuckles and trying to kiss me as if it was my dog, who came back from the dead - I know that sounds crazy, but that's exactly how it felt. The kids' mom was inside and they were adopting this dog. I left and told my husband what happened. I never thought about reincarnation before - never! Then I began to look it up on the web and found out that a woman who wrote the book "I'm Home! Back to Love You Again!" was willing to converse with me. Her dogs, whom she is now reunited with, tried to reincarnate 5 times. Since this experience I have seen other dogs with his eyes and about to meet one this weekend whose face is absolutely identical to my dog Boris. I'll let you all know what happens but I can tell you that the pictures posted capture the essence of my beloved. Please pray that I can raise the $350. Even though I am out of work I have a strong feeling that God is helping all of us, and money is on the way! God bless all of you for reading this!

What a nice way to use the ashes. So nice>

Oh tat2doc,<br />
I had no idea you lost your 11 year old. that must have been pretty tough for you, I am so sorry.I hope you do not mind me asking ,how did she die. What memorial tattoo did you do? Thousands of condolencers my dear friend.

I understand!

I understand!

I haven't gotten over my loss, but rescuing a bunch of motherless kittens from the pound did help distract me from my grief. I thought, in honor of my lost kitty, I would save some lives of other kitties. So we got them fat, healthy, vaccinated and fixed and off to good homes. I think she'd have liked that.

that's wonderful I have made promises to both my dogs and i think that remembering them is a great way to deal with the loss. I will take a look at the websites.

I'm so sorry you lost your friend. I love how you are honoring her memory.