My best pal died when she was 17.  I brought her to the vet to have her put down.  She was blind and crippled, and could only lay on her bed.  Everyday when I came home, she'd pick her head up and start pounding her tail on the floor.  I would pick her hips up and she would walk on her front legs out the door, I would hold her while she did her business.   She had been such an active, fun dog all her life, after a few months of this, I felt it just wasn't fair to her.  So I made an appointment to kill my dog.  I've never forgiven myself.  Now I have another girl, she's a purebred and they don't live as long, she's already past the average age, blind and senile, but still gets around okay.  I will not put her down unless she is in obvious pain.  I killed Murphy over 10 years ago and it still breaks my heart.


yeibiche yeibiche
Mar 14, 2009