I am so incredibly heartbroken:( I have just learned that my uncle & Cousin's family dog, Skyler passed away yesterday. This dog was like my very own. He was loved by so many people. And we were so blessed to have been given the chance, to be apart of his wonderful life. Skyler you were loved more than you could possibly ever know, by everyone who was lucky to have met you. You were the sweetest and the most loving dog that will always have a place in our hearts. We will miss you terribly. And I know grandma & grandpa will take great care of you. May you rest in peace and run wild and free in the heavens above. (One of the funny things about Skyler (or Sky for short) is that he was named that because he always barked at something in the sky even if there wasn't anything there:) Now! Every time we look up to the sky buddy, we will think of you and know that you are in a better place. I'm so glad that god gave me the chance to see you one last time this summer. RIP Buddy ...Wait for us, until we meet again.


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I am so sorry for you loss. It has actually taken me several days to post this, as I have lost a few beloved pets that even now bring tears to the eyes. There is something about how they affect us and our lifes. Thanks for sharing you fond memories of Skyler, such a cute pup there.

Thank you for the heart...

Wow, I fully understand. I'm sorry. I had a thought that maybe he is barking downward now as opposed to up into the sky. If he is, I'm sure he is telling you not to worry or cry and that everything is ok. And to not let this keep you from being happy. If he's as good as you say, then I believe that's what he is doing. I own a Miniature Schnauzer, my name is Randy. ;)

ohh sad :(