I Dont Understand How This Can Happen

I just lost my dog Baby Girl eight months ago. It now looks like im about to lose my dog taz to the same thing she died of. He is real sick and we are trying medications but dont know if it will work. It would kill me to lose them both in a years time.

Tazchi Tazchi
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sorry 2 hear that tazchi, i know losing a pet leaves a void in ur life. i hope the best 4 u and taz.

Taz is more than likey going to pass on friday. he has took a turn for the worse. vet giving 3 days for improvement. please pray!

what did your dog die from? i am new here so i am sorry i don't know. i know how is it i just lost my dog in jan and i still find it hard to talk about him.

Good News! his heart rate is where it needs to be and the meds seem to be working! the vet says he sick but atleast for now, hes doing ok. he could take turn for the worst at any moment, so just going to enjoy the time i have left with him <br />
Thanks for all the love and support. Thank you for your concern

losing a pet is just as hard as losing a family member, i hope he gets better

Thanks Jp, taz is a he by the way! my girl dog passed away 8 months ago. Your sympathy and kind words mean the same to me. I couldn't even dream of getting another dog for a while, it would take a long time. Losing something you love isn't easy, unfortunately that's life. Everything that lives dies. I hope I'm wrong too. Thanks for your concern<br />
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Thank you Annie. I will keep you in mine! God Bless!

I will keep Taz in my thoughts and prayers,, and you too! God Bless!

Thanks I will do give him that extra tummy rub. I do believe they all go to heaven.<br />
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UPDATE: He seems to have improved on the medication wont know for sure until another EKG is done, but he is doing better.

I believe that too.