My Boys and a Father Figure

The loss of my boys was so hard, but i had worked for a Veterinarian "DOC" (the Father figure) for eight and a half years and had to help put animals to sleep, my Kedddy was sick and i was going to a new Vet that Doc had told me about, I called Doc and told him that i was letting Keddy go sleepy bye and he said give him a kiss on the head from us,that was 10/18/01, I got a call 10/21/01 that Doc had passed away during the night, I was a basket case. on 10/26/02 I had to let Nickademus go, and on 11/28/04 I had to let Maverick go. I was lost without my boys, but my home will NEVER be without  least two cats.    

cleankitty cleankitty
Mar 17, 2009