Missing My Pets

I have lost three pets and I still mourn all three of them. Each of them were family members and since I do not want to have children I treated them like my children (well kind of).

My cat Diddo had a stroke when I was in 8th grade. He was a tabby cat about 10 years old. We had to put down. It was so tramatising. I had come home from school and no one else was home. I noticed my cat had gotten sick all over the floor, I cleaned it up and went to look for him, as I searched I found more places where he had been sick. When I found him he was acting strange and couldn't stand up. I put him outside so if he was sick again I did not have to clean it up (I thought he was just sick and not dieing). I called my mom at work and told her what was happening, and when my sister came home from school she didn't seem intorested or care much. When my mother got home she saw him and realized that something was really wrong. He layed down under a bush in our front yard and he was slowly dieing. We brought him to the vet and they found out he had a stroke and that he was dieing. We did not want him to suffer so we had him put to sleep.

My cat Mittens (was diddo's mother). She never fully recovered from her son's passing. She was also getting on in years and had bad arthritis. We had to move from out house into a smaller place, so my sister (who by then was married and had a child) took  her in and took care of her for a while, but Mittens was in a lot of pain and was very overweight because she couldn't exercise. She could also not reach her back to clean herself so she has matted hair that was also painful for her. Because of her size and her pain she could not sit but instead would flop onto her side. She was is so much pain that we decided to put her to sleep. I was in my first year of collage and Mittens was about 16 years old.

Last year I had a parakeet named Quill Feather. He was my pride and joy. I hadn't had another pet since Mittens was put to sleep so it was hard. but I loved him, and I trained him and he watched tv with me and sang along to the radio with me, and he even would come into the shower to get clean. I had got him in december and I did not know how old he was because he was in a petstore. By july I was moving to my new residence and the day of the move Quill was acting kind of strange. I thought he was just stressed from all the moving of furniture, so I put him in a quiet room and I brought stuff to the new house. I planed on coming back and getting him last so it would be the least amount of stress on him but when I came to pick him up he was dead. It was so painful to move into a new house and have to leave his little body behind. He was burried in a friend's yard so I can visit his grave, but it is still hard. We found out he had a fast growing tumer and there was nothing we could have done for him.

I still cry or get sad once and a while when I think about them, and it is hard. I now have two parakeets but they are not the same. I love them withg all my heart, but I still miss my babies.


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Thank you both, and jmuhjacat. thanks for the gift. It looks a lot like one of my cats that passed away. It made me smile seeing it.<br />
Thanks again

Echoing phinix's thoughts and empathizing with them and with you.