My 3 Dogs

I've lost three dogs in my life. Chelsea, Oscar and Rudi. It's 4 if you count Coco, but she didn't passover, she was sold because she needed a better home, but to me, it was still an extreme loss.

I don't remember much about Chelsea as I was only small when she died. My mam felt it hard though.

I was a little older when Oscar died and I can still remember where I was sitting, what month it was and how I reacted when my mam told me.

I only lost Rudi in February of this year and even though it's only been a month, I am still heartbroken whenever I think of him as we were really close. He'd sleep on my bed at night and be with me in the day no matter what I was doing. I still regret not going to the vets with him when he was put to sleep. I was so upset but I should have put my pain aside to help him. It's just so hard. They become part of your family and for me, they're like siblings.

My other dog Casey seems so lost without Rudi. She's even started taking on some of his characteristics, which is hard to see. I love all my dogs differently but just as much, but I never imagined the day when I would be without any of them. It makes me not want to get so attached but I can help it *X*

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I'm sorry for your loss but can tell that you gave these dogs much love while they were around.

Thanks guys. That's the only way to look at it: we gave them a good life and did all we could for them *X*

I am so sorry for the loss of your dog. I know what it feels like to lose a pet, last year three of my cats died within a 4 month period. The mother who was 22 years old passed, her son then a month later passed at the vets office . Then a month later her daughter.<br />
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I thought I had killed them because at the time the pet food scare was going on. I loved those cats to lose them all like that broke my heart. I found out they had a liver disorder and would have passed no matter what I did.<br />
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Doesn't hurt any less to lose them, you never will forget them.

I had lost my dog when he died after reaching home after a long flight. I still feel the pain of his loss......<br />
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You can at least take heart that your pet is somewhere out there and is being taken care of. Small consolation, I believe, but nontheless.......