Today marks 31 days since I've seen your sweet sweet face.. Today also marks your 3rd birthday baby boy.. Even after one month, today is especially hard.. Each day don't get better and each day makes me miss you more.. I hope that you're at peace and happy up there.. I hope you made new friends.. Everyone you met always said you were the nicest dog they've ever met and you can easily get dognapped because you don't know how to be mean to others.. Gawd I miss you.. I'll see you someday Coby.. Happy 3rd birthday.. Mommy will never ever forget you or stop loving you.. No one will ever take your place in my heart..
aiahlove aiahlove
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Today marks 20 days i lost my beloved cat Dunkin. He was just 13 years old and died from sudden heart failure. I still cry every day. He will be waiting for me in my heaven

I feel your pain pets are. family members I lost my guy after 18 years

Don't ever let anyone dictate to you how long you should mourn his death. He sounds like he owned a wonderful young human lady.

i am sorry about your loss, i still think about my dog and he passed on years ago, his name was buzz and he was a golden retriever