I had to euthanize my wonderful dog, Jake, earlier today. It's possibly one of the worst experiences I'll ever have, as he was with me my whole life. His heart and lungs were perfectly fine, it was his legs and hips that couldn't stand anymore...if anyone has felt a similar pain, feel free to message me. I would love to hear about your wonderful experiences with your best friends and maybe I could share a couple of mine, too. And to anyone who has lost a beloved member of their family: I am sincerely sorry. I now know how heartbreaking it is.
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I lost my maltese about 4 months ago the same day my fiancé left for the military for the very first time.. The only reason I thought I could was because of my Coby. He was my heart and always will be. He had a slipped spinal disc and became paralyzed waist down a week before.. The surgery was about 5-9k and I applied for a credit but only got approved for a small amount. I even set up a fundraiser but everyone didn't have money.. I was desperate in trying to save my best friend and even printed out flyers.. The night he passed my fiancé and I gave him a bath and I was telling how much I love him and how I will make sure he has to get better because I want to take him to the dog park soon.. Even though he could not move anything waist down he would still try to drag himself to go to me whenever he would know I was crying cos it broke my heart to see him like that.. I left that night to go to my fiancé's house to help him pack and when I came back he was gone.. It was the worst day of my life and probably the most painful thing I've ever gone through. To this day, even right now, I bawl my eyes thinking about him. Everyone knew how much I loved him and how much he means to me.. It will take some time to heal but just remember that you gained an angel <3

I'm so sorry to hear about Coby :( Just remember how many good times you both shared and you will be strong enough to get through it! He sounds like he was a little sweetheart <3 Thank you for sharing your memory of Coby and thank you for the kind words <3

Thank you soo much <3 He was! Not once did he ever growl or bark at anyone or dogs. People would tell me he could get dog napped lol. Just stay strong & remember that they will always be in our hearts <3

You're welcome! And haha aw. And thank you, I'm definitely trying.

Sorry for that

Thank you

Pets are extended family members, it's never easy to loose ones friend, my condolences to you young lady.

Yes, they're some of the best friends a person can have. Thank you, sir.

So sorry about loosing a dear family member

Thank you very much.

I'm sorry to hear that. It's never easy to lose a beloved pet. I lost three in 2014. I lost the dogs that were with me since day one several years back. But the memories you have of them. It may not be the same, but there are the memories. If you want to pm me some of them, I'll be more than glad to listen and share some of mine.

Thank you, I'm trying to get through it. The first week is probably going to be the hardest. I'll be getting his ashes back in an urn, though, so it'll be nice to still have him. And aw, that's too bad, I'm sorry for your losses :( But sure, I'd love to share some of my memories and hear some of yours. It's late where I am, though, and I was planning on going to bed, so if you want I can add you and we can talk about it some time this weekend? I'm usually on a lot during the week after school, also :)

Sounds good. The first week is going to be really rough, and for a long time after, little things will remind you and make you miss him.

Ya, it'll be hard on everyone but I think the most important part for me will be getting his ashes back. That way I'll at least have a little part of him left to keep.

I'm truly sorry. I know how you feel. I lost a dog named Kid when I was 11. My parents told me Kid ran away but I don't believe them. I heard he was beaten to death by some guy because Kid was disturbing him. I don't really know what actually happened to him until now

I am so sorry :( Some people are just cruel and disgusting. Don't worry, though. He's in a better place and as for that jerk...all I have to say is what goes around comes around. I'm sorry you had to endure hearing about that.

sorry to hear this. (((Hugs)))

Thank you so much *hugs back*

our dog had the same condition. we din't gave up on him though. he's now okay. glad euthanasia's not so common here.

I'm glad your dog got better. Ours was just so old, just turned sixteen...he was also part lab and they tend to have hip problems later in life. He got to the point he could barely walk, so it was time.

I'm so sorry about your loss :( But at least.... 16 years? wow.
I know how it feels, we lost one 5 years ago, she's considered as our youngest. Cried a lot when she died.

Thank you. And yes, he was a stubborn old man until the end haha...very healthy except for his legs. And aw, poor little darling :( Just don't ever forget how happy she was being part of your family.

I know he loved ya'll dearly till his last breath :)) and sorry for your Uncle's loss.

Thank you very much.

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I feel your pain. We had to put down our beloved Maggie in October of 2013. Just know that while Jake was in your life, he lived a far better life than many other dogs have. He lived a life of love, a life of happiness, and a life of comfort. All thanks to you. Always remember the happy times you've had with Jake. Keep those memories alive.

Aw, poor Maggie, I'm sorry for your loss. And thank you, I'll never completely get over it but I will at least get him back. We signed the papers to have him cremated and returned to us in an urn. We just couldn't see any other alternative for such a good, loving dog part of the family.

The pain will ease over time. There will be moments when that pain will come back. Even years later. You'll still be questioning yourself, "Was this the right decision?" "Were we too hasty in our decision?" At least with cremation, you do have something to look at and remind you of the love you shared with Jake.

Yes, I think my dad is taking it the worst right now. I can push it to the back of my mind, at least, until the early hours of the morning. And it hurts but I know it was the right decision. He could barely walk, I didn't want him to hurt anymore. He looked so much more peaceful after it was done.

He was much more peaceful. He was no longer in pain.

What's sad right now is that my wife is sleeping. She's not feeling very well. I distinctly heard her call out for Maggie.

Aw, that's hard to hear...I give you both my deepest sympathies. A death in the family is hard to get over.

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