His name is Doobie (that's him in the picture). He is a 12 year old red nose staffordshire bull terrier. He has recently been diagnosed with cancer. He has two tumors in his bladder. The vets say that they are in a part of the bladder that they cannot operate on. He has an estimated 6 months to live. He is being spoiled rotten for the remainder of his lifetime. He cannot hold his urine because of the cancer so he is never left alone. He is either staying at my mom's, my brother's or my place. He has been a member of our family for 12 years, and we are not ready to let him go. We know we will have to soon. We do not want to keep him alive and in pain for our own selfish reasons.
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I think I just lost a beloved pet.

So very sorry dear! You will know when the time is right for her to go. It's so ******* hard! I've been there.

♡ aww hon I am so sorry

Cherish the time you have left and never forget the times you had. He is blessed to be part of a loving family such as yours. I hope both he and you find peace soon.

I lost mine too.
Please accept my sincere condolences.

Thank you your condolences are very appreciated.

I'm very sorry and you have my condolences. The best thing to do is just to make the best out of the time left you have with poor Doobie (awesome name btw) and just show him all the love and affection you can before letting go. I know it's hard but he will be in a better place free of the pain he's feeling. and if you ever start to miss him, know that he will always be in your heart and will always be there watching over you and your family because nothing or anyone can ever sever the living bond you and your family shares with Doobie for the past 12 years. That love is a connecting bond that lasts forever. I hope that helps a little *hugs*

Thank you very much. It does comfort me to think that he will be reunited with his mother. She passed 2 years ago. *Hugs*

See there ya go, so really it's not so bad of a loss because he'll be happy to be with his mother agin. I know it's tough but I'm here for ya

Hang in there honey, I know how tough this is

Thank you. Your support is appreciated.