a couple of weeks ago.. I lost my Mimi. I noticed she was getting weak and acting weird but I thought it's not a big deal.She was old but I didn't want to admit that to myself. on that day I was very busy and I was gone all day... she waited just for me to come home. I took her in my hand I felt her heart beating like crazy, she was so so weak. Even looking at her struggling, heavily breathing and looking so peaceful at the same time would make you wonder about life and all sorts of things. I know it sounds stupid but I think millions of thoughts run through my brain at that moment. I still didn't wanted to admit that she was dying. I was trying not to cry, to smile but then her heart stopped beating. She opened her eyes and directly looked at me.. I couldn't stop my tears. I was staring at her dead body but it was like that information was travelling very slowly to my brain. I can't explain to you people what I felt like days after that. I was completely devastated. It's still a very emotional topic for me but I had to express my feelings.
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this is so touchy ..am sure about one thing ..Mimi loved u a lot ..and she l probably be very happy to have met a friend like u..she l be in heaven ...

Sorry you lost your pet. It's very painful. Sad to have them go.

I'm sorry for your lost.... I know what it feels like, that was the same when I lost Toby, he was crashed by a car, he was still alive when I saw him, one of his eyes was literally out and probably if he survived that he would never see again with that eye, and when his heart stopped he was on my arms, we were in the pet hospital..... He was just gone, and it was just hard to accept, I never though he would pass out that way, it was the worst day of my life

we are probably fixing to have to put down our dog because she has had a stroke on her right side and is barely recovering