Well I just got out of bed to finding my baby Hughey dead. He was ate up by the coyotes. He was the sweetest friendliest dog. We had, had him for 12yrs. Hughey we love u and you'll always be apart of our hearts! RIP my baby!
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Sorry to hear that. Yotes are ******...

yes they are

Wow! That's a real heart breaker. I am so sorry for your loss.


Sorry for your loss :(


I'm sorry for your loss. :(


Oh im so sorry! Hate to hear that. Our pets are like people to me 😞

yes they are like ppl to us as well. like our children. so its very hard.

I'm so sorry. That is horrible. I wish I could say something to make you feel better, but I know I can't. Losing a pet is so painful. I hope you find some peace, and you'll be in my thoughts

thank you so much. that means so much to me.

Oh no that's awful!

yes it is!

I have four cats. Two are older and one is middle aged. I am dreading the passing of every single one but I wouldn't trade it for knowing and living with them!

oh i know. its a gift to know them. something i wouldnt ever change. i feel for u for when that day comes.

Our first pet catfish lived to almost 18. That was an awful day.

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So sorry for your loss

ty ur so sweet to me!

we had two Cairn terriers, a boy, Alan and a girl Susie. We lost Alan a month ago. We had both dogs tested for diabetes in October 2014 and they did not have it. Alan was always overweight. Some time after October he got diabetes. He became very sick and he died.

The night before he died he took one more walk down the street. I had bot dogs on a lease in the front of the house. Susue became tangled and it was dark and I could not get her untangled. Alan wanted to walk. Since Susie was tangled I knew she would be safe if I took Alan for a walk. Alan walked very slowly but he kept walking forward. We walked to the end of our street, about 800-1000 feet. He wanted to walk more but I had to get back to the house to untangle Susie and it was after 9pm.

The next day my wife took him to a vet and on thee way home he died. We knew he was dying. He loved riding in cars so he died doing something he loved.

Now we just have Susie. She will be the last dog I will ever own.

its very tough.when we love them so much.

So sorry for your sweet baby 😢


So sad. The circle of life is so heartbreaking at times. Why?!? Hopefully you will always be together in spirit. Peace and healing to you.

thank u very much! the circle of life is a harsh thing. its hard to know what to feel in away.

I am truly sorry. That's a tragic loss.


I'm sorry for you that happened. There is a large incident rate of that happening in the city where I live, especially near the city limits. The coyotes come in for a quick capture of both small dogs, and especially, cats.

that whats going on here. use to it was just the cats now it's anything. they even come out sometimes in the day time. I hate that we are intruding in their space and now they suffer but at the same time I hate also what they do. it feels like damned if u, do damned if u dont.

With this part of the country being in a severe drought, their natural food sources are dwindling, so they come into town, most often at night, and they'll catch anything that's not bigger than they are.

bt ty


They must be very desperate. That's beyond bold for wild animals. Is it right to cull them if necessary?

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Awww I'm so sorry for your loss..*hugs*

tyvm. *hugs*

Awwwww no! SERIOUSLY, sincere condolences, I know its awful :(