I've been up all night crying, I can't stop. Earlier this evening my kitten Nico was run over by a car. He was such a sweet baby. I only had him for a few months. He was a stray that I had found in a parking lot. He was injured and so tiny. I nursed him back to health and I became so attached,now I'll never get to see him grow up. This is not fair! Why is life so cruel? Why did God give me this beautiful baby and then just take him away?  I'm devastated and heartbroken. I'm in so much pain. I don't know how I'm going to get over this. Bye bye my sweet baby Nico.I will always miss your mischievious,playful,rambunctious spirit.

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Losing a pet is like losing a loved one.

Awww so sorry.... I understand so well, I once rescued a stray cat too, years ago, we really get a special relashionship when we save an animal, they are always grateful...and we really get so attached to those kind beings... They come in our lives like unexpected gifts.

I also lost that stray cat at a too young age... It was many years ago but i still think of that cat very often. I get tears in my eyes just thinking of it now... He was one of the most special animal I have ever met...

Sometimes life got meaning, sometimes its absurd... its no use to wonder "why" absurd things happen... Sometimes there is no reason why.

Oh no...im so sorry. Try to realize that you gave him a much better life, even if it was short. He experienced love, affection and great care before he left this earth. You gave him the greatest gift. Many many pets dont ever feel that.
Take a tiny bit of peace from knowing the gift you gave him.

I always hate to hear these stories. Our first cat had to be put down at almost 18. That was an awful day. Now we have four piles of fat and fur....

My heart goes out to you, last year my Pomeranian, my child and friend of 17 years passed away. Because of him I can say I know what it means for another living being to be my heart and soul. There are those who love their animals and there are those who see god in them. Each one I lose it ages me 100 years. May we meet them again one day.

I fell your pain I lost my dog about a year ago he got hit by a car I miss my dog

I'm not a per lover, but I know that whenever you lose something or someone you love, it has to be devastating, to say the least. My heart goes out to you.

<3 angel kitten . I hope one day you get to bring another sweet angel into your life

Sorry about your kitty.

I am sorry for your loss. A good thing was that you rescued him so he had a loving home in his short time of life. You gave him a place to belong too.