My beloved Buster. aka Bussey, Mr. B, Bus
We adopted him in 2001 from our local humane society. He was a black lab/pit bull mix. He was the most loving, gentle, sweet natured dog. He and my son sort of grew up together, and honestly, if Bus could've done even a fraction of what my son tried to blame on him, we'd be famous. ;-) We used to call him our "Head of Ranch Security." I think that came from a book my son read.

He had cancer. He left us on September 29, 2013. He is so very missed.
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πŸ˜“ I love pits and pit mixes. I'm sorry about Buster.

Thank you. He was the best!!!

Have you ever, by any chance, seen "The Pit Boss"?

I've seen a few episodes. I love the concept of the show. Pits get such a horrible rap. It's people, not pits that are the problem.

I love that show!

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Very sorry to hear that.

Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to read about Bussey and comment. :-)

15 years ago we acquired my first puppy, I had always been a cat person, but I was very ill and just felt the need for something warm, alive and loving, we named him Shu Shu because he loved shoes, never chewed on them just liked to play with them, he has been my constant companion for all these years, if I am in bed, he is right there beside me for as long as I need to be down, he has alerted me twice that I was having a stroke, even before I knew it, if I am in the hospital, he refused to eat, until I return home,

He is not really a dog, he is an angel in a fur coat!

And like me, he is aging, and has health problems, I have given him permission to leave whenever he is ready, but he continues to hang on, he may outlive me, but I am so grateful for his love and companionship all these years, I never really knew how much I could love such a beautiful little soul until he came into my life,
The interesting thing was that he picked me, we had gone to look a several Shih Tzu's who were all adorable, but he kept coming over and untying my shoelaces, I would tie them back and he would untie them, after several times, I got his message and we took him home that night,
And have loved him ever since,
I will miss him when he goes, but he has given his whole life to me and my husband and our family, what a blessing he has been!

Thank you for sharing your beloved Shu Shu with me. He's truly a blessing, much like my Bussey was. I wish long, happy and comfortable life for you both!!

Sorry for your loss, it's never easy.

Thank you so very much for your condolences. Bussey was one of a kind, and a very dear friend. I think of, and miss him, every day. I appreciate you taking the time to write to me.

(((hugs))) lost my Izzy two months ago..i miss her so much

I'm so sorry for the passing of your beloved Izzy! I said a prayer for you to have peace and comfort. When the time's right, another special pet will come into your life. He or she will never take Izzy's place because the two of you will create new, special memories together. Thank you for sharing Izzy with me. If you're feeling down and would like to chat sometime, please PM me. ((((HUGS))))For you. 🌸🌼🌺For Izzy.

Thank you

I lost my little 2 ur old cocker 9 yrs ago and it still brings me to tears, literally. She was my partner in crime.
They never truly die, spiritually they live with you always.
I miss her so much still though.

I'm so sorry for your loss! Have you found a new pet or it just isn't in your heart? I hope you are well and happy.

Yes i ended up with four more. Wasnt planned that way but i couldnt say no lol. They are my kids. But when u lose one it always hurts. Hope ur doing well too 😊

I completely understand how one pet turns into several!! I'm thankful we've both moved on with happy and loving memories of our dear friends, and an even larger capacity to love.

I miss every pet I've ever had in my life. They truly become valued and loved members of our families.

Yes. They truly do. I'm sorry for the losses you've experienced throughout your life. I hope you are well and happy--with a furry friend at your side. πŸ˜€

Don't have one at the moment. Shared a home with my brother for 7 1/2 years and he has a Chorkie, but we got our own places recently and I haven't settled in enough to get a pet of my own just yet.

Welcome to your new place. Perhaps when you're all settled in you'll be able to share your space with a pet to really make it a home. Best of luck with your home and endeavors. Take care.

Sad x