Yesterday I lost my cat. I... I loved him so much. I can't believe it. He died of heart disease no one knew about. Such a sudden and unexpected death. Just why??? WHY??? I feel so devastated, empty, broken... It hurts so badly. I can't stop crying. My loved ones support me, but still... Everything around reminds me of him. EVERYTHING. I can't stay at home anymore, I see him everywhere here. Where he used to sleep, to play, to eat... I can't sit on the sofa, because my ******* memory recalls how he used to climb into my lap. I can't use a computer normally, because he loved to lay down on a keyboard. That's the same thing with everything. WHY? It was the worst day ever. I still can't believe it and wish it was a nightmare. I can't believe I'll never see him again, can't believe he will never be around doing all the things he used to do... Please, come back. I want to see you, touch you, smell you.... I want my cat back! Why life is so unfair??? Why it hurts so badly??? How to live on, to go through it??? I can't stop crying for the second day. I miss you so much, my boy. But you passed to heaven, you're in a better world now. Rest in peace, love. You will always be in my heart. Forever alive.
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This might sound strange, but I know a lady that communicates with animals, including the ons that have passed away. Animals have souls like us, if it brings you greater peace and confort, you may contact this tallented lady here:

Ohhhh, dear one. I am so very, very sorry for your loss. xoxo

Thank you.

Gosh I am so sad for you.. When my cat got run over three years ago my heart broke .. I was unwell stuck in the house and I had no escape from the reminders,, my mother got me a heart necklace with 'forever in my heart' on and I put some of her ashes in ... I never take it off .. Also in my garden I planted a lovely bed of flowers we put a waterfall near and it's a gorgeous serene place to sit and think of her .. You will heal in time ... Be good to yourself

Thank a lot. I appreciate so much these words of support!

I am so sorry. I have three cats of my own. I know how hard it is to have a thing in your life to just disappear. I am so sorry once again. I'm sure you are not the only one who feels this way

Thanks. Yes you're right, I still can't realize how he could disappeared...

I'm so sorry

hey love,
I know you're going through an incredibly hard time right now and I'm terribly sorry for what happened. I just want to let you know it does get easier. it will get better I swear. soon it won't hurt as will get better. deep breathes cause this too will pass. if you ever need to tall I'm here

Hi and thank you very much for your words!
I understand that life goes on and the pain won't be eternal, but it's so hard to realize the fact he passed...

I know it is. :/ pets are basically family. it's always incredibly hard, but try and take it easy for the next few days? maybe stay busy and away from the house as much as possible?

Yeah, I try to. I hope in a few days it will be easier. And thanks again!

Sorry for your loss. I hope your pain eases quickly

Thank you very much...