BUCK my friend and CONSTANT companion for over12 years.... has moved on. I am wounded. *TEARS*
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(((hhhuuugggsss))) I am so sorry

i lost my first dog sky 3 years ago and it still hurst but then i look at her picture on my wall remember all the good times and remember what she taught me live in the moment dint dwell on the past

Oh im SO sorry. My doggies are my kids. Ive lost a few over the years and its devastating. I still can cry instantly after nine yrs later from losing my last one. But i look at it like this, you were the lucky person that he ended up with. You gave him a great life. He couldve ended up in the hands of an abuser and had a terrible life. By chance he hit the lottery and you were there for him. Take comfort in knowing he experienced love and affection, and you got to be the one he looked to for that. Take care, hope u heal soon.

So sorry for your loss.


I'm so sorry. I know it's incredibly hard. I hope you can concentrate on the wonderful life you gave him soon. It's such a sad thing to lose them.

I enjoy my pets also.