I lost him this summer. I doubt I will get a new pet. I need to just mourn him for now.
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Sorry to hear about you losing your pet. How long did you have him? We lost are baby we had her for 12 years then we had to put her down she got to where when she tried to eat she couldn't we had no choice if we didn't want to watch her suffer any longer. It took us 5 years before we got a new pet now we have 3 dogs and we love them all for their ways

I had him for 15 years.

I am so sorry. You have my heartfelt condolences

Thank you and mine to you. I was so amazed how so many were understanding. Some days I am fine. Then I find myself talking to him and it hits me.

I know what you mean. When we lose a pet that has been part of our family we need to grieve them and go from there. there is still times that I look at our dogs we have now and its like were is baby to teach the two youngest ones that if the door is closed and we are sleeping that they need to wake us up or hold it. she never messed on the floor until the last month she was alive. Grieve all you want because it will help you heal from your loss.

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