We sent our 15 yo yellow lab Cleo off to the rainbow bridge yesterday afternoon I hope she finds her sister sassy waiting on the other side!
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I'm sorry for your loss

Thanks so much, the house feels a little less full. We still have our grey hound Stevie but, Cleo was always the perpetual puppy that made use laugh and smile.

I hope comfort you and your family

I'm am truly sorry to hear of your loss, yet I am confident Sassy was waiting for Cloe. Now they will both be waiting for the time that you join them. If you check out my stories you will see my writings about losing pets, and I do hope it will offer some comfort. It the least you will know you are not along. Stay strong1

Thank you! I'll check them out.

It sounds as if she lived with an outpouring of love, surrounded by people who cared, and died a peaceful death. Isn't that what we all want for ourselves?

It was peaceful. Her last breath wasn't of pain but of not having any pain any longer. I do wish that every living creatures end can come as peaceful and filled with as much love. Thank you!

My condolences to you, my friends. I hope you can fill the void with happy memories. Hugs to you.

Hugs back to you, thanks!

I'm so sorry.........I can't even imagine your grief. I'm sure that she was spoiled with an unbelievable amount of love and attention. She's going to miss you too.

She's busy playing with her sister now, we lost her five years ago! :)

Our Golden is on her 13th year and she's been declining noticeably. When I said "I can't imagine your grief ", perhaps I meant that "I don't want to imagine ..."
Peace and love to you and Dee👭💕

In so very sorry!

Thank you! It's so hard not seeing her here this morning.