This is my beloved Bella,she lost her life at midnight last night 29/9/2015. She was 16 years old. She lived with us in all time with happy and sorrow times. She was suffering from seizure but was always giving her the medicine so she have least seizure. She was happy as always spoiled from all of us. She did the spread laughs in our life. We did our best to cure her breast cancer as used the new Nano Golden treatment. She was again at this early year so active after being so lazy after curing her from cancer. I never stopped taking shots of her in every pose. I would say that from ages ago. I kept taking snaps of her crazy moments. I did my best to show her how special she is and was. RIP Bella. I know that you are feeling so much of peace. I will miss her but her spirit and her smile will never ever be forgotten.
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Sorry to hear about your loss. It is a difficult lost my dog three months ago and it leaves a massive void in your life we just have to cherish the memories we have. Least she was loved and well looked after.


I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Our pets fill our hearts with love and life, that's why we miss them so when they are gone.

It is so true and thanks as she teach me a lot in these 17 years.