It happened on August 20th, and it feels farther away, but. Anytime i think about that day I can't get her out of my mind.
On July 4th, my step dad came back from the grocery store and said he had heard a kitten in the bushes there. so I said, lets go get it! So we went there and after chasing the little girl we found this cute little calico white orange and black, all scared and dirty. I don't want to go into her too much but, lets just get this over with. She was accidentally killed by a recliner chair being opened on her neck and I guess no one saw her or thought to check if a cat was under it. We buried her and I have only visited her grave once or twice since, I can't handle it well. But when you ask over and over for a pet your own and then you lose her..because you were too naive to protect or make better decisions. I cared for her day and night. She was my world. the little time that I got with her I can never forget. When I bottlefed her, saw how when I first got her her little paw was tinier than my thumb. And I would always get. purr anytime she'd see me. she was such a good girl that enjoyed a lot of good times. But near the end she was scared of the dog in the house I brought her so she hid. Which makes me always think what I could have done differently. And I could have saved her if I had never brought her to that house. Lessons learned wont be forgotten. Dont have recliners with cats or small animals and be prepared to lose loved ones at anytime. Because any thing can happen. I miss you Honeybun. Every fourth of july now I'll think about the day i found the sweetest kitten ever.
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So sorry for your loss, losing a pet is always hard.

I am so sorry.

I am so sorry for hearing you lost just a cute kitten like her. I lost my 17 years Japanese Spitz girl at last September at 29th. She was the one who greet me when get back and the one who would lay on her back asking for a cuddle or to rub her belly and spoil. We had her grave and visited hers few times as just seizure for these years. We gave her the medicine to stay with less seizure. All said she would stay not long than few years. She hanged cos we cared and loved her for whole 17 years. She was a strong girl who survived in her last year cancer as well. She will be always in your heart same way as i have my Bella in my heart and always on my mind. Never believe that having her in the house was a mistake. She died after been treating with so much of love from you.

Thank you. This helped a lot getting it out and hearing this from people. ♡

You are so welcome :). Glad i did helped a little bit as well.