For all the people out there who have loved and lost a pet, please remember that the time you had together and the love you shared is everlasting. I'm not religious, but I believe that the ability to unconditionally love an animal and be loved back by him or her is sacred. One day, we will cross the rainbow bridge and never again be apart. Meanwhile, never forget that, for them, heaven is by your side. As they did when they were alive, they are still there waiting for you, always. Our lost pets make the best guardian angels.
SkylarTaylor SkylarTaylor
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2 Responses Nov 19, 2015

How are you doing today?

Doing just fine, snuggling with my dogs and doing some grading, to which I must go back.

hug the dogs for me.thankyou!

I'm sorry for your loss.i miss the dogs I've had.the were my kids.iI love the memories I have of them.They can make me smile big time and I will sing there little songs I made up for them.We are so blessed to have such loving animals in out lives.To me,they are better than humans.I hope you are alright.Have a nice day!