When I was young my mother was a veterinarian. Always bringing animals no one wanted to my grandparents house where I lived. A couple once brought in a prize winning breeding, and show dog. They wanted my mother to euthanize her. She wasn't even 2 yrs old. Nearly 200 lbs of beautiful tan Old English Mastiff. She had some sort of cancer that affected her reproductive system, being a breeding dog that was a no no. I don't know how things went exactly, I imagine my mother said no, and the couple just said you keep her. So my mother brought her to my grandparents house. I fell in love. She lived with us, protected us, and loved with us for about 12 yrs. She was 14 when she lay down in the backyard under the swing set (a spot she was usually found in) and went to sleep one last time.
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What a beautiful story. I have three dogs, and love them dearly. Good write.