This one is hard to write about and I've been putting off doing it. A few years back I had a boxer mix named Patches and a little rat terrier named Annie, who was ironically named Patches when I got her, that however could not stand because there was only one Patches. As the years passes and both dogs became older Patches gradually slowed done and I readied myself for the day of his passing. So Annie dying first came as a complete heartbreaking shock. Patches lived almost another year before he to died. I had Patches for 13 of his 14 years and Annie for all 10 of hers. Then within 11 months they were both gone. I miss them both. I'm so lonely and sad.
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so sorry for your loss. ...I can understand wht u r going through cat died during her pregnancy
..its been five yrs now...but I just couldn't bring in another pet. I miss her so much.