I lost my dear friend feridiand part sheepdog of 15yrs he died in my arms before he past over i yelled out dont you die on me he got up all 110pounds of him & seemed to say ok but we both knew mainly me that i had to let him go its been 4 months & i still cant go touch his harness or set out his earn with his ashes i mainly think of him now as the sunsets i long to pet him ill be ok but my glass now will only be half full just as all the loved ones iv we've all lost leaves us can i speak for who ever reads this our glass is only half full now till the day we day we miss over beloved pet family member
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2 Responses Dec 12, 2015

VERY VERY sorry for your loss. Pets dying hurts and bothers me worse than people dying.

Awwww honey....my heart goes out to you love. I DO understand.