Brody. He was the best dog a girl could ask for. My baby and best friend. Its been about 4 years and I still miss him </3 Hopefully I'll see him in heavan :)
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That's how I feel about my first dog, Cucciolo, I just know he's anxiously awaiting me in heaven.

Yeah. She was in so much pain. It was better for her to go even though it tore me apart.

Yeah that's a really tough decision to have to make. We had to put Brody down too :(

It really was. I think she had cancer or something. She went downhill so fast.

Awe :( I find that a lot of them go downhill fast. :/

Sorry for your loss :(

Yours too. And it happened 2 days before my brother's wedding so that made it even worse.

oh wow that's terrible :(

I lost my dog Georgia in April of this year. She's buried in my backyard.

Awe I'm sorry for your loss :( pets are family, it's not easy