Her name was Taco-Mutt and she was a Dachshund-Cocker mix. Sounds like a strange combination but she was adorable, looked like a pup until the day she died.

One of Taco-Mutt's favorite things to do was take a walk. She insisted on walking every evening all over the neighborhood. Then one day when she was about 8 years old I noticed she was kind of coughing after our walks. I didn't think too much about it at first but it got worse so off to the vet we went.

The terrible diagnosis was Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). I hadn't thought about it but was surprised that dogs could get that. So she was prescribed Lasix several times a day to help get rid of the fluid and the vet suggested we at least suspend the walks because they put a strain on Taco-Mutt's little heart.

Taco-Mutt was a smart dog and when I explained to her why we would not be taking walks I swear she understood. And I believe I was correct because she stopped insisting on going for walks.

She was diagnosed in April and on the day before Labor Day she insisted--and I do mean insisted--on going for a walk. Well, when they bring their leash to you and start pawing at you and won't stop, you have to go. I was prepared to carry her if necessary, and she wasn't that heavy, so I thought no biggie, she really wants to sit outside tonight. And it had been months since she got to go for a walk, she deserved it.

The street at the end of our street was on a hill and the breeze was quite cool and pleasant. Plus there was a ledge for us to sit on for a while. So, that's what we did. Taco-Mutt and her momma sitting on the ledge enjoying the cool breeze, watching the cars go by.

Well, after about 20 minutes or so Taco-Mutt stood up indicating she was ready to go home. We started for home and before we had passed two houses she looked like she was going to collapse. She was coughing and wheezing and could not walk. So, I picked her up and told her it was ok, I would carry her. When we got home she promptly went to bed and went to sleep.

The next day, Labor Day, Taco Mutt seemed relatively normal. She ate her little breakfast, went outside, chewed her toys and watched TV. My hubby was grilling steaks that evening and Taco-Mutt went out to watch him light the grill and put the steaks on, another of her favorite things to do, probably because she knew she would get a few bites of steak. When they came in from putting the steaks on, Taco-Mutt started seizing and she keeled over and appeared dead. I was in shock but got the phone and called the vet. She said she thought Taco-Mutt was having a stroke and that there really wasn't anything she could do. She said to just make Taco-Mutt as comfortable as possible but that she probably would not live through the night.

Well, my hubby and I were standing in the kitchen discussing all this, with little Taco-Mutt laying on the floor, when suddenly she got up and it was like nothing had happened. We both thought, WTF!

So, we went to the living room and Taco-Mutt followed us and came up to me and just looked at me with the sweetest little face. So loving. I leaned down and kissed her little face and told her how much I loved her and what a good girl she had been. Then she went over to my hubby and did the same thing. After that she went over to her little bed in front of the TV and had another seizure and died.

We wrapped her in her favorite blanket and took her to the vet the next day so she could have her buried in the little cemetery behind her office.

I will always believe that Taco-Mutt knew she was going to die and wanted one last walk, and to just sit beside me in the cool breeze watching the cars go by. I'm so glad I took her and didn't blow her off. I also believe she was saying good-bye and thanks for all the good times we had before that second seizure. If there's a Heaven, I know where Taco-Mutt is today.
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Awww my heart breaks for you~Taco~Mutt sounds like a wonderful dog&clearly she loved her family:)
Your absolutely right~she knew she was going&wanted the chance to say bye..
We lost our beloved daschund 4 years ago on Christmas Day &it still hurts~Although he was in severe pain from disc disease & we know he is in heaven it's hard~our wee Wilson knew& when we all said goodbye to him & thanked him for being in our family we could tell he knew..
He is waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge&I just know your Taco~Mutt is there too!!!
If you haven't read the poem Rainbow Bridge..look it up when your ready it will bring you peace...
Thinking of you

I've never heard of the Rainbow Bridge but will check it out. Thanks.

Awwww :(