You were my main ingredient for the last seven years. You seasoned my life with the way you were. The way you would dance on your hind legs when you begged, or the way you would place your little snout between your paws and look up at me from my lap with your eyes big and round like a baby harp seal. It was "Molly" this and "Molly" that for me. You were my best friend and my therapy, and you loved me no matter what.
It feels so empty without you, and everything reminds me that you are gone. It's day one.
I'll always love you, Molly.
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I just lost a dog about 2 weeks ago. It's so weird how it creates a little vacuum where that unconditional sweetness was. I'm so sorry for your loss... I'm really glad it's not your day 1 anymore.
Take care.

Thank you. My condolences to you also. I guess I was more emotionally invested in Molly than I realized. She was like therapy to me.

I get it. It's not like them to be obvious about that they do for us, it's just part of the routine. This dog I lost was my protector. A lovely dog, nor aggressive by any means. Protective. I just knew if anything bad showed up at the door for me it would have to deal with him first. It was part of that all is well feeling home can give you. That feeling is gone now. It's almost like a draft in the house.

I I miss him.

I am so sorry Puck.

Dear Puck, my friend I know how you feel, we lost our beloved little affenpinscher today, the life just went out of him.
He was my best friend. He used to press his nose against the glass when I went out and when I got home he used to go crazy wag his tail and jump around till I picked him up and fussed him.
He was so cute. He was the one I went to to tell my troubles shed my tears.
I hug his bed and it smells like him.
Like you I feel lost, alone and oh so very empty.
Will it ever go away.
I hurt I feel like my heart has been ripped out.
I hope he is at peace.

I feel for you xx

I'm so sorry. It seems like fate made a mistake doesn't it?

Ah! 😘 r.i.p. Molly 🐾

I'm so sorry-I know that losing a pet is like losing a family member-or maybe it is the loss of a family member-I'm sorry.

So very sorry about your sweet girl. 💕

You have my deepest condolences. I would be devastates if I lost my little girl dog.

Thank you, Doran.

Sorry about that Puck. I feel your pain. I lost a 19 yr old pet/companion last year and it was not easy. My thoughts are with you.

Thank you, wraithorn. I still feel like there has been some kind of mistake. this isn't the way the story was supposed to go....

Yes, as adults we know deep down inside that every pet, no matter how cute or precious it is, comes pre-packaged with a death that we will have to deal with. We are never really adequately prepared for the sense of loss after the death though. It can be imagined but not understood until you experience it. Each loss of life, whether Human or otherwise, is unique and the feeling of loss is unique.

It is at times like this when one tends to contemplate whether or not one's beloved pet/companion had a soul/spirit. What do you feel about that ? Did/does Molly have a life force other than physical ?

I keep seeing her in my minds eye. I believe life itself has a life force.

Indeed. I agree. I think that if there is DNA then there is a life force other than physical. As far as I know every single particle in the universe speaks a language if we know what to "listen" for. Everything communicates with everything else even if our Human minds cannot detect it. I think that all is one and one is all in the way that we are all connected and come from the same source whether thought about scientifically or spiritually. Your Molly, my Tigger, You and I are part of that same thing. We are all learning many lessons here in this physical world of duality. I wish I knew exactly how these lessons are going to be beneficial after physical death but I suppose we just have to wait to find out for sure. There has to be a reason otherwise life wouldn't bother with all this or anything else.

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It's heartbreaking. I'm sorry.

Thank you. L,A.

How devastating. Such a sudden loss. I am very sorry for your loss. mini

Thank you.

May she run free across the rainbow bridge. Sorry for your loss.

Very sorry for your loss

Thank you.

I do know exactly how you feel. From my own experience. Hang in there