my dog was stolen and I told my boyfriend that I was going to go look for him and he said he wouldn't go look. should I be upset with him? he sounded so heartless
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he is not worth bothering about. A beloved pet is a far more valuable friend

Dump the clown he has no feelings for you, if he did he would be out helping you

he said he's never had an animal growing up

Find the dog. Lose the boyfriend.

I would be furious! Dogs are family. You have every right to be upset and hurt.

Yes! If something is important to you it should be to him as well.
And a pet it is like losing a child for most.
Did you call the Cops and Animal Control?
Talk to your neighbor's?
I think you should find a new one (bf NOT the pup)

yes we talked to neighbors. I live by a middle school and he was seen being put into someone's backpack

That's so sad. Have you talked to the school? Ask them if they could ask the kids? Maybe someone thought he was unwanted. I hope your fur baby shows up. Offer a reward. AND call the animal control people and give them a picture.