For those who lost a pet i feel your pain i lost 2 cats i love and 3 birds.i am deeply sad i lost my cat yesterday she died.and my other cat died like about 11 years ago they both was old i can not get my kitty out my head i was with her during her final hours and help her out and get her more comfortable get her water and stuff she stop eating and drink water i tried to get her to drink water she won"t eat or drink water i been crying on and off it is painful so i feel your pain you should not go through this alone i hope you get the help you need it is terrible to have a pet die the good part is he or she is still with you and in a better place i am sorry that your pet died.and i pray that a pet or somebody help you get through this.i hope you get help.God Bless You.
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1 Response Mar 18, 2016

What birds do you have ? I like talking Parrots.
Where do you live ?
I'm in Lakeland FL