I can't love anybody the way i loved my baby and still forever.

To anyone who say ''just get new one''

Hey they are not toy or fashion acceceries,they are not your hug pillow.

If you die,nobody can you,no spare for that loss.

Animals are same..i never loved my baby call PET.

He was my son,little baby,best friend,and first one who i really loved from bouom of my heart and taught me what love is...

I don't answer any questions,cos i'm still struggling to recover losing my baby.

It has been sixteen months..

Today was big step,i put my baby's pictures in flames.

And now i can see his little face and funny adorable eyes..i couldn't take a look at him before..

So this was a big step.

I Love You my baby.

I don't answer any questions from anybody.Because i'm still struggling to recover losing my baby.Hope you can understand my feelings and plz give me some space..

Thank you for hearing.
Anybody who lost your babies for some reasons or you can't live with them anymore.Especially if you are second one,you are not the only one.
genjiipiexx genjiipiexx
31-35, F
Mar 27, 2016