My Beloved Pet Lost His Owner

This is the story of a little Yorkie with no name and no one left to care for him. 

I was asked to foster a little dog who was found in an apartment with his deceased owner. He had been with her for two days.  He went from her loving arms into an over-crowded shelter in an over-crowded city.

After being examined by a vet, it was felt he was about l0 years old.  He needed to be spayed and all of his teeth had to be taken out.  Yorkie's are known for their gum and teeth problems.

After surgery he came home to us.  I looked at this little rag-a-muffin of a dog and wondered about his future.

 As the weeks past and he was feeling better, I got to know what an incredible little dog I was fostering. 

He might have been ten but his spirit was as young as a pup.  He raced back and forth outside, keeping up with the most high-spirited young dogs. 

His love and affection for people was outstanding.  I've never had a dog snuggle up so close to me.  As the weeks went  by our bond grew so strong. 

I secretly promised his "mother" that I would find the best home I could for her beloved pet. I could feel how much she loved him by the way he loved me.  I couldn't stop thinking of how hard it must have been for his "mother"  to leave here without him.

When I found his new people, I kept my promise.  As the car pulled away, my last glance at the sadness in his face is forever etched in my memory.    I had to look away.  Saying good bye to a foster pet is never easy. 

If there is a moral to this story, I suppose, it would be to find a person willing to take your pet if something happens to you.  You just never know .










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Thanks for posting this! I was beginning to think there weren't any happy stories on this site. It's so nice to read one with a happy ending!

I've had so many wonderful, positive experiences fostering dogs. Life has to be looked at in a positive light or it could become overwhelming. Yes, I agree with you, people seem to enjoy the feeling of being overwhelmed, taken advantage of, and left behind. We are here to learn the positives in life.

Mom and Dad loved yorkies,,Dad had one that was so old all of her hair had fallen out but a little poof on top of her head ,(that is the only place I would pet her ) but my Dad let that dog eat his ice cream with him (I told him over and over of the fecal matter but he didn't care ,,Every picture of Mom and I she is holding a pickapom I gave her who was 16 when he passed, I got him as a pup,,and her beloved "Cookie "
a tiny yorkie ,she was the run but she didn't know it ,,they all were great pets ,,,,
my Dad would lay in the floor and cats and dogs would just come cuddle up to him and he had these voices he did as he would talk for the dog ,,"momma jill wont get out of my bed cause im ruddle",,,The dogs would be all over hid head and he was blowing their stomach like a baby ,,"i'd say Dad God forbid anything should happen to you ,were gonna have to get you flead to bury you",,,,"My babies ain't got no fleas
I lost Dad in 2000 and Mom 2011 ,the pictures ,there are more of the dogs than us ,but I told someone the other day ,they are the only creatures you can beat them ,,,starve them make them fight for their life ,,take it 10 miles in the woods and throw it out and it will beat you back to the house and thats love ,,,read your story and thought I would just share with you some of my memories i'll treasure

Thank you Rckt148. Your parents loved their pets the way I'd love to see all pets loved. I'm glad your parents were "head over heels" in love with their doggies lol. You better believe, they are all enjoying themselves together now. What a wonderful story and wonderful memories for you. Thank you so much for sharing them with me.

I so regret not keeping him. I miss him to this day. Had I taken him, I probably would not have been able to keep another little Yorkie that was rescued from a puppy mill the following year. She had been born in the puppy mill and was kept as a breeding mom. She had one litter an then wasn't able to have any others. She was going to be put down when my friend rescued her and brought her to me. She was in very bad shape emotionally. She was terrified of life. That was 4 years ago. She's come a long way but will never be l00%. I think I was needed to take her rather than the one my story is about. At least, that's what I think and it makes me feel better.

i thought for second that you might change your mind and keep the little guy , maybe it did cross your mind , but at least you took the time to find someone to keep it , thanks for caring

Thank you! Thank you! for looking after this little dog,we need more people like you in this world,I lost my little Petal three years ago and miss her every day,I am reluctant to adopt another dog,having no family to take care of him or her it something was to happen to me, my health not being the best at the moment,but I would gladly look after a dog if its owner needed help,I certainly miss having a dog,they are the best of friends,and cats too.Take care.

They are our best friends. How about doing foster care? I'm sure shelters in your area are looking for people to help them. It's hard to let the first one go but then you see there are l00's more needing your love. If things are not working out for you with your health while watching the dog, you have the shelter to take the dog back. Give it a thought or two. Best wishes!

Thank you my friend.<br />
<br />
I've lost touch with his new owners and just pray he's had a happy life with them. You are so right...this little pup was this woman's world. He was given to her to have something to love through her life. He's possibly the most loving dog to a human I've ever met.

Oh my! Another story that tells me how very special you are. I do believe that God made the animals to be our friends and this special little Yorkie is a living example of what love for an animal produces, i.e. that special trust in humans, that desire to be close. Truly these little fellows enrich our lives. Thank you for sharing this beautiful, heartwarming story.

Calalilly -He definitely was his owner's Angel on Earth. He stood by her even to her death. If I had to do it again, I might have kept him. Of course, that is just selfishness on my part...I loved the way this little angel loved me. Thanks for the comments!

Oh, that just breaks my heart! But, the dog is happy. What love they have to give. They are angels on earth.

Thanks Gray! Nice to hear from you.

Great story.

Hi Miamme, <br />
<br />
It is important to at least let people know if something happens to you what your wishes are for you Gracie. So many pets end up in shelters when this happens. That's not where you want them.

Thanks so much for your story... It seems this little pup was blessed 3 times...his first family, you and now a new family to finish his days with. A lucky little one I would say. I now know that I need to make arrangements for my Gracie...the cat who owns me....she had a difficult start in life and I want to be sure that if anything happens to me, she will be cared for...... Blessings.....

Thanks CC! We all have a calling if we listen.

God Bless you for being so caring, the world could use a few more like you

Thanks Owlie and Pedro....a little confession....I still miss him to this day. There have been a few that I have deep regret not keeping with me. However, he did find a good home and I probably would have not been able to take Lilly who needed me more. So, life has a way of helping us make the right decisions sometimes. Thanks so for the comments!! I love both of you too!!

Ah..I had goose bumps from the pure sweetness of this story. " Bless the beast and the children" . I'm glad his days were once more filled with love. This was a wonderful tale of a wagging tail.

My dear Cocco,<br />
<br />
Thanks for your support. I know you can feel what I was feeling. <br />
<br />
I have lost touch with him. I haven't heard from them in at least a year and a half. I do think of him.<br />
But when you place a dog, you can only pray that what you saw in the perspective owners was real and he's being loved in a happy home today. I won't let my mind wander from that assumption. It would be too painful if I did.

I loved your comments Ambivilent! <br />
<br />
Every once in awhile someone here will say, "we should have kept Wiley". I answer them quickly, "don't say that"!<br />
<br />
The truth is, letting him go is one of my big regrets. What an amazing dog!

You're too cool! The idea that this dog was a Yorkie made it that much more special!.....I love Yorkies............Little dog.........Huge heart!............good post Shepherlove..........

IVP, "If you held her up to her neck she just snuggled as tight as she could and oozed love". Those words couldn't have described this little girl any better! Your comment made me long for her all over again. She was a "loving angel" dressed in fur!<br />
<br />
Paco, I couldn't agree with you more. How do people abuse these gifts we've been given ? I'll NEVER<br />

That's exactly what this girl would do. I will NEVER forget how endearing and wonderful that felt. I'm sure you will never too!

As the saying goes, dogs make better people. I like them because they have no hidden agendas, you know what they want; love, food, shelter etc.<br />
They are straightfoward and don't take a lifetime to figure out. <br />

What a lovely story, im so glad you managed to find a nice safe and secure home for him so that he can live the rest of his remaining life happy. You did a wonderful job taking him in, in the first place..who knows what could have happened to him..

Nice story thanks for sharing S ........