I Have Lost Him, But I Know He Loves Me.

  A long time ago, it seems as if it happened only a while ago, I lost my dear black lab, Joe. He was five years old and in great health. But the problem with Joe was that everytime we would open the door, he would take off! Such a poorly trained dog, maybe dumb, but I loved him. One day when I had just came home from school, Joe was at the door waiting for he, barking excitedly and holding his leash for the walk I would never give him. Well I said "Hiya Joe! I am going to go out side for a little, than I will take you on your walk", and I left. My younger sister, Danielle, decided she wanted to come too, she opened the door and Joe took off. Normally, we would catch the dog in about an hour, maybe two. But we werent able to catch him for three days. You see, at the time we lived on post (on base whatever) and right outside of the gates is a huge traffic area. Joe, the boy faced dog (my Grandfather came up with that name for him) must have ran right out there. I remember. I came home from school and called to mom "Any luck finding Joe?", but as I came into the kitchen I could see dry tears all over her face. "Animal Control called", she whispered. "Joe was hit by a car". Thats all I can remember before I ran over and hugged her. He may have been a stupid dog, but he was family. Family is family. The part that bugs me most about this is that I never got to say good bye to him. But I know he knows that I love him, Joe the boy faced dog.

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Well it was nice for you togive him a good home. He was soooooooooooo bright to hold his leash <br />
and ask to be walked !!!!!