A long time ago, I have lost my friendly dog named Krutic. He was three years old. But the problem with Krutic was that he was very likely to race for the different vehicles. He died under tires of a vehicle. It's scarce. I was crying for a long period of time. Thanks

shaurmag shaurmag
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so we seem to understand each other, I regret for you loss! Did you take another dog for care?

i ve lost my dog too.named ( rex ) he was so cute and he loves people and he was my best friend for a long time but he died 2 years ago and that makes me so sad :(

I live in a hostel and don't have opportunity for pet here. But when I come to parent in village I can have meeting with cats there)))

Would you like to get a dog or a new cat again?)

did you get a new one?

thanks for support, I will have a dog in the future.

my lovely Krutic, I miss and remember you)

Nature is wonderful, animals are its parts, beautiful, wonderful and amazing. I like animals all the species. For example my parents have cow) I often visit motherland and like to spend some time with Zorka)))

Animals are loving giving creatures that can alter our lives in a positive way. All we need to do is open our hearts to them. They love unconditionally.

Shaurmag will you get another dog? I can strongly recommend getting another one to help you over the loss of Krutic ..Animals are wonderful friends.. who love us no matter what :)

We must take care about our pets and wildlife as the whole, thank for understanding!

thank for sharing and understanding my feelings)))