Great Way To Start A Vacation

My dog Fox passed away on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 10th, 2010. I wasn't told till the next day, the day before vacation, when I was in class, half asleep in the back of my Art History class. I was writing down notes when my Mom called me. She knows my schedule so I thought this was odd and went out into the hallway to take the call. I answered the phone and instantly I knew something was wrong. After a few minutes of talk I hung up and knew why she had called me:


My parents had put Fox to sleep as he had been suffering from Lukemia and the course of treatment that he was undergoing wasn't helping at all and if he continued to live without the treatment he would die a painful death.

I went back to class and continued my notes until the end of class when everyone was gone. I began my walk to my next class to which I showed up to earlier than I thought I would, and left my bag on my seat chair before I went outside, found a secluded bench and cried for 10 minutes.

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2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Thank you both for those nice words. Its still hard at the moment with it being so close to when it happened but I am happy he didn't have to suffer anymore.

Im very sorry to hear your very sad news, i also have recenlty lost my little dog and i know how hard it is, Fox will always be with you in your heart and never forgotten , no-one can take away the memories we have of our beloved pets . Stay strong for Fox .