Poor Star

I witnessed my cat 'Star' of 6 years being mauled in front of me by 2 ravaged dogs at 2am, both fighting over the body like a chew toy.

her body laying limp in the mouths of the dogs, more strangely is the fact that the owner of those dogs was hiding in the bushes whilst it was happening. I never saw my cat again. The man walked away with the dogs following, holding a gym bag. Sick Freak!

jezabella00 jezabella00
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2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

sorry to hear about your cat i had a cat that got killed by dogs i know how much that hurts so im sorry

I am so sorry about your cat my border collie Lulu was attacked my two Staffordshire bull terrier but lookerly a council man was at help at hand and pulled lulu in two his van i was so glad she did not have a bite mark on her they pulled her coat off and my mum fell and cut her back we phoned the Police they just sent a warning to the women owner of the two dogs but to me they should have done more .