The Chanceypants And The Onyxx

it was probley bout like 2 yrs ago wen he passed. he was only three yrs old. and me and my mom was... well i think my ma was in her room watching tv and i was in the kitchen looking for something to eat, and my mom  said" dennae, i think there is something wrong wit chance. and i was like, wat wat is wrong wit him. she sa he is not eating he was fine yesterday, and i was like maybe he just sick he probley got in upset tummy. it will probley leav in like two days or so and the next day come and he is breathing all heavy and he screaming crying. and im crying not know wat to do. me and my mom panic my mom called out of work cring. u couldnt even understand her. and we go to the vet nt nowing it was so so so so so so fare. he is crying screaming yelling and we had no idea wat could this be. we thought it could be anything. so we finally get there and the doctor say that his tummy fliped. we knew right them wat had happeen. see he was our lil cripple dog we love him. his back leggs didnt work so he would use a wheelchair. and he would jump up and down. and we took him outside and was playing wit him lil a lil after he ate. and that was the prolbem. he was hopping to much or to fast and his tummy flipped. we couldnt help him because my mom is a single mother i was then 16 and there would be no way of knowing if i could get a job and help her. the vet pplsay we had to give them money to save him. and she didnt have it. so she had to let him go. those flucking ********. they just didnt care bout him. all they wanted was MONEY. i didnt cry because it didnt hit me yet. but the next day when i was feeding the other dogs i just stratted bolling.(like now.) and i cried to my mom say that i miss him and i wantd him back. and like a few months after that my other dog onyxx diead. but he was very old. so i didnt cry. i think it was cuze i was kinda expecting it from him beong so old. but how he diead to was sad to. i cant really remember it. but i ow he had three strocks in a row. and i was scared there to. but i didnt cry. i was trying to be strong.he was 14 and if ur a dogs person that is very old in dog yrs. and that is my story bout my loving pets.

naynaylee9 naynaylee9
18-21, F
Mar 5, 2010