My Beautiful Son

On September 20/10 my 31yr old son died. He had 2 children and a wife. My husband & I did everything we could to help them. Now I am lost and need help.
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5 Responses Oct 19, 2010

so sorry dear are living through the worst thing possible in this world...this world which is fleeting, this world eventually will pass...eventually will end, compared to the infinte life of the hereafter...nothing can I say that can ease your suffering and the pain of your daughter in law and grandchildren...but you all will be united together in heaven....he will be waiting to be with all of you...your right...this materialistic world is fake...why worry about useless things...May the hand of god bless you and help you through your grief and pain!

Sorry to hear you lost your daughter, we lost our son (31). Living one day at a time. Talking about him to everyone and putting pictures up everywhere. He will never be forgotten while I live. I also talk to him (while looking at his picture) it helps. I am very lucky, he left behind 2 wonderful children. My grandson looks and acts just like him. I know we will never get over this nightmare, but I know I will see him again some day. Do not worry anymore about small stuff and not afraid to die (when it is my time).

I just lost my daughter, she was 35, when you figure out how to get by let me know , I am at a complete loss.

I just lost my daughter, she was 35, when you figure out how to get by let me know , I am at a complete loss.

my ife and I also lost our only son Sept. 24th 1999. It still hurts today like it was yesterday. You become a new person. Life is judged before the loss and then after the loss. You are changed by the event. Sometimes in not so good ways and yet it changes you for the better in that you don't sweat the small stuff most people do. like a cloudy day. You meet beautiful people along the way who have kept silent until they meet you tell their story of loss and become instant lifelong friends. Yes life change after you loose a child and we know that in our hearts.