I Have Lost A Child

my son ashley was 2 years old he used to b into everything so we had to get stair gates all over the house lovely little boy was always happy and one morning i ad to go out so my husband ashleys father looked after im few hours past i recieved a call to say i had to come home i ask y wats up and the person on the phone said it was ashley so i got home fast as i could and there was ambulance police and all the nieghbours outside my house i c the police around the bk and ashley led on the floor and the paramedics tryin to susitate him but no movement i was screaming i couldnt stand up my husband tryed to hug me i pushed im away then the paramedics said im sorry theres nothing we can do he had drowned in the pond in the back garden ashley then got put in the ambulance i went wiv im and we went to the chapel of rest    soon after the funeral me and my husband seperated and i havent spoke to noone bout this ive tryed to deal with all this on my own doesnt get any easier when theres alot of guilt there
ruthchaney ruthchaney
1 Response Jan 5, 2012

I feel very sorry for you.One day at a time.<br />
I too lost my oldest son at the age of 17,6 days short of his 18 birthday. You never get over it but if you don't move forward it will drag you down and your son would of not wanted that.<br />
Message me if you would like,it's been 15 years now but still seems like yesterday.