No Heart Beat

I was pregnant 2 months ago after 5 years of waiting and it was sutch a painful pregnancy the pukeing and the cramps every day its like a never ending pain but even on top of that id wake up and sleep being happy i had a baby inside me i went to the e.r twice once i.was 4 weekd bad cramps but the baby was fine then agaun at 6 weeks and i was jyst dyhydrated list 11 pounds i never ate really aftwe my first ultrasound appt came i wasnt prepared to hear wat i heard no heart beat my baby stop growing i cried like i been.holding tears for alibg time and after git a dnc done till this day its been 2 weeks u cry um sad i dont want to see babies or orwgnant womens its selfish but im so hurt mines had to die and i have to acceot being left with nothing.
sad4ever08 sad4ever08
May 15, 2012