Grandma Kathy's Little Buddy

On Feb 22 2012 my Grandson Korben Lee Moore age 4 was in a terrible car versus train wreck along with his Mother Amber Smith, sisters Emilee Lenges and Breanna and friend Rodney Mayer. Amber and Rodney died at the scene, Korben, Emilee and Bri as we called her were taken to hospital. I will never forget that phone call to let me know. I rushed to the hospital and got to see Korben a minute before they lifelined him to Riley Childrens Hospital as they did Emilee and Bri went in ambulance. We rushed to Riley and all I could do was pray that my Little Buddy would survive the accident, when we got there and I saw him all hooked up to the monitors all I could do was cry and beg him to wake up.
It was only a matter of minutes before they told us that he was never going to wake up that he was brain dead, but you never want to believe so I climbed in bed with him and talked to him begging him to please Korben wake up. My son Lucas who is Korbens Father had to make the hardest decision of his life, He signed the papers to donate Korbens organs, as Amber was also a organ donor. Korben saved the life of two little girls, but it still hurts so much knowing my Little Buddy is gone, and I know that he is truly an Angel and a Hero, his sister Emilee also died the next day, Little Bri survived as she was protected by Korben and Emilee. Such a tragic loss for Our Family.

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My tears for you and your lost. Say a prayer at point of train impact. Perhaps it will ease the pain a little. I hope the little one does not have nightmares. Can always tell her stories of the mighty and brave korben.