Will I Ever Find Closure... My Darling Cherane

It was 12 February 2011, we were at a Pamper Party for my nephew's "wife to be". Mothers and daughters enjoyed much laughter that day. i still remember how she looked, my sweet daughter, Cherane then 27, and i commented on this before we left. ..she said she had to look her best that day. Her 2 yr old little girl crying uncontrolably that day when mommy left, eventhough daddy was with her...daddy phoning us at the party to say little one has not stopped crying. (unusual) Around 18:00 hrs that Saturday , 4 girls left to go to New Cafe to further celebrate....i left and as their car was in front of me..i still remember her head bopping ..to music and her smiling..the fatal call at 10:30 that night...my daughter was never coming home again...she is gone...the paramedics suggested we do not drive their as many parents get into accidents themselves when in a state of shock....there had been a dispute among the girls in the car aroung 09:00 coming home, and she was told to get out of the car on the R59 , she started walking...barefoot....no handbag (cellphone inside) ...a dark unlit hightway...a 18 wheeler truck who never saw her coming around the bend...hit her, and her life ended in an instant, a trust she did not feel anything...did she even realize she was dead. No one came back to tell me the storey, files opened regarding the case has mysteriously dissappeared...so i still have no closure...and the pain every day the things that remind me about her every day....its something i will never get over. the hurt will go with me to my grave one day. I have her beautifull memories spent together, as a ;mother and friend, we were very close, and then there is her 2 little girls of 7 and 3 that i thank God for every day....and looks so much like their mother....my heart is torn, and a part of it ripped out never to return. She was a little girl who grew up to be my closest friend....
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Jan 9, 2013