How I Met The Familiar I Lost.

Well, I had a familiar called Monty, he was a bird (cockatoo) and he found me in a way.
One night I went to dinner with my mum to one of her friends houses. And when I walked in I heard Monty sing, I kinda knew I had a connection with the bird though had no idea why since I hadn't even known about Wicca then.

When we were eating the bird kept moving so he was in the part if the cage nearest to me and while we were eating and talking my mums friend mentioned that this was the first time he was reacting to anyones presense.

Then she said he was only like a gift for her 2 kids but they found him "boring", and she was going to get rid of him soon, so I took the chance and got my mum to offer to buy him.

I took him home and he became my best friend and I loved him like a brother. RIP Monty...

When I turned 14 and started to research Wicca I found out about familiars and realized what our connection was, so I told my dad what I thought the connection was, of course he laughed it off, said "if you let that bird out the house you'd never see it again," so of course I saw that as a challenge.

I went to the cage and Monty knew instantly what I was gunna show my dad, I went to the front door, said "Let's see then dad," and went outside, Monty perched on my shoulder.

"Fly..." I whispered for his ears only, and after nibbling my ear he spread his wings and soared into the sky till I couldnt see him. My dad leaning against the door frame said," when he don't come back don't cry for a new one".

I just smiled and said in a whisper too low for him to hear,"air carry my message to Monty, Return".

And sure enough 2 minutes later Monty returned to his spot on my shoulder, and we returned home.

RIP :'(
TheRealClover TheRealClover
18-21, F
Feb 2, 2013