Weight Loss Without Trying

Somehow I've lost 12 pounds and i haven't been dieting or exercising and I eat regular meals.  I was fearful that it was a flare up of the Lupus, (one symptom is sudden weight loss or gain), but I feel just fine.  My ankles are shot to hell because of the physical demands of working for that slave master in her daycare but other than that I am okay.  It's actually motivated me to lose even more pounds.  I'm aiming for 65.  That'll put me right about where I should be for my height.  I'm taking my supplements now and I am confident that I can accomplish this goal.  It feels really good to have something else to focus on besides the other problems I have had due to other people.  I can direct my energy towards ME now.  Once my son enlists in the Army this week I will have my solitude back and I can continue to work on my home and myself.  I've seen the cutest outfits and right now they wouldn't cover one of my knee caps.  Okay that's an exaggeration but still.  My goal per month is non-existent.  Setting a limit simply adds pressure and stress and if it's not met--great disappointment.  I say I will lose whatever I lose and set no goal.  And yes I WILL have my once a week treat of whatever I want!!  Some plan huh? LOL!
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Jun 9, 2007