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The Reason I Am On Ep

You know what?.. Since the time i joined ep i had in mind what i was looking for.. i was never here to make girlfriends or be in a relationship(seriously that sounds impossible for a physical guy like me).. i was here in a hope that i might find someone who would be there for me at all times and would meet me in real life some day... I wasn't looking for internet friends(though i don't mind them either) coz people on internet can never replace a real human being.... I have made great friends online too and i don't mean to hurt them.. i still love them the way i would have loved him if they were real...

As a whole what i planned was i'd make a good friend online(near my place) meet him/ her in real life and then we'd go outings, have parties, watch movies, play games, hang out, etc etc... never thought it would be so hard to find someone like that.. i always end up finding a friend living in other country and its hard to meet them becoz foreign trips are f*cking expensive lol and i don't earn that much now... Of course i won't meet anyone whom i don't trust... i might meet u once i've spend enough time observing u and getting to know u... There is always a hope.. !

I have everything ready to make sure we can have fun when u arrive into my life... I'll be on the bike and u can be in the jeep... haha.. 

Mickey9871 Mickey9871 22-25, M 2 Responses Jun 30, 2012

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hey buddy <br />
we are soon going to meet in real life

hahaha.. we live in the same country so that's a bit possible.. :P

replying after 4 months hahaha

how about this comment?... lol..

I was waiting and waiting and waitng for you to show up here on your bike, but you didn't. I'll have to come to you. On foot. All the way. See you in 15 years!--lol

LOL.. I will use the bike in the pic.. it can fly, go underwater, drill and many more things.. we might cross paths.. lol..

Thank you--you now know what you can buy me for Christmas!

idk really.. ammm... what is that???

Christmas--the holiday where you buy all your loyal friends lots and lots of gifts. Thank you in advance!

Bikes are expensive. I can spot you a pogo stick but you'll have to pay the shipping (and wait for me to steal one).

HaHa. I certainly can use a pogo stick--that's one way to beat the cost of car insurance! I'm a big guy so make sure the pogo stick you steal is a strong one! You saved Thatsmystyle77 alot of money--I think he's made a new friend!--lol Like I said to Thatsmystyle77, thank you in advance.

But i'm wondering..... if i buy gifts for my friends then what will Santa do??.. u want him to become unemployed in this booming economy?.. lol

How nice of you to volunteer all of your money and time to give Santa a much needed vacation!--lol

I might have to sell my whole property to get gifts for all children on this planet.. O.o

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