I love my friends very much. Because i pointed out their lies, manipulative nature and hypocritical judgment i lost the people i put alot of work and heart into. I feel i was just there to use and respect was not a factor in our relationship. I feel angry and sad.
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1 Response Oct 15, 2012

I can relate to your state of agony and pain. When you experience that type of abuse you must know that you were dealing with Pretenders. You never lost a friend that you never had! I met a person at work who befriended me, and acted so eager to help me. We shared stories about our lives, and I thought this person could become a friend. But I begin to see warning signs, red flags, and subtle moves that indicated potential roadblocks to a true friendship. When a person can't be consistent, when they're always making excuses why they can't be there for you....when they seem to shy away from you in the presence of others.....You have been set up for a fall. This person I thought was a potential friend turned out to be a complete fraud. I, in turn, became a victim of sabotage. The betrayal was devastating, heart wrenching, and unbelievable. Two months later, and I'm still in shock over how evil a person can allow themselves to be to a person they initiated a friendship with. Now I feel like I was set up....I feel like this person was using me to get back at some significant other.... I just feel used!!!Violated!!!

Thank you for sharing this with me. It really helps. ( :